psychological care for expats

Psychological Care for Expats – Help from Home

The Truman Group provides high quality mental health consultation and psychotherapy to expatriates living overseas. We treat a wide range of issues through secure, confidential, live video connection, linking compassionate, experienced English-speaking counselors with expatriates across the world. Most of our providers have either lived overseas themselves or have extensive experience treating people who have lived and worked internationally. In short, we understand both the joys and demands that accompany living in a foreign country and culture.

We have the resources to help individuals and couples address a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, grief and loss, and marital and family issues. In addition, our clinicians are sophisticated about problems that frequently accompany the experience of living far from home – issues such as cultural displacement, dislocation from family, isolation and stress. We provide care for a broad cross section of the expatriate community, serving those who work for the government, private corporations, NGOs and international schools.

Every member of our clinical staff is currently an active therapist in private practice or in affiliation with a clinic or academic institution. All are US-trained and licensed and credentialed in the state in which they practice. Most of our providers are doctorally trained, and those who are not have decades of experience providing mental health care.

There are often significant challenges to finding and accessing high quality psychological care overseas. If you or your family require care, there may be few places to turn. The Truman Group can help. We offer an alternative to those whom may be having difficulty finding experienced, Western-trained, English-speaking therapists, to those whom discretion in a small expatriate community might be an issue, or to those whom may simply find the logistics of office visits inconvenient.

Remote Therapy Sessions

Sessions are conducted via secure, confidential streaming video.