Truman Group Counseling for Expats

How We Work

The Truman Group works in the same way a traditional counseling practice does. To schedule an initial consultation, simply call or email us. We will schedule a telephone or video meeting with you to discuss what you are experiencing and to determine whether we can serve you adequately. We will also use this meeting to answer any questions you may have about care, and to determine which practitioner in our group is best suited to meeting your needs. There is no charge for this consultation.

Once we have paired you with a clinician whose experience and approach matches your situation, he or she will contact you to schedule your first meeting. Sessions between clinicians and clients occur through secure, confidential, real-time video link or via telephone and are scheduled at your convenience. We will work to ensure there is a good fit between you and your counselor, and will make any adjustments necessary to optimize your care. You may contact us at any point if you have questions or concerns.

In addition to assembling a highly trained and experienced clinical staff, we ensure professionalism and the highest quality of care by meeting regularly as a group to collaborate and consult with each other on patient care.

A Note on Privacy

The Truman Group is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Other than linking people via video or telephone, we provide care in the same way traditional therapy does. Conversations between clients and clinicians are private and confidential, exactly as they would be in any other therapeutic setting and we maintain the highest privacy standards to safeguard client data and information.

In order to provide confidentiality, we are intentionally independent of corporate Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and we bill patients directly. Clients may choose whether or not to seek reimbursement from their insurance providers, a structure that provides an additional layer of privacy.

Insurance and Payment

The services at The Truman Group are provided fee for service and our rates will be discussed during your initial consultation. Your credit card will be billed for each visit, and you will be provided a monthly statement that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement if you choose to do so. Insurance coverage is variable; you should check with your insurance provider to determine what services will be covered by your plan.

Contact Us

To schedule an initial consultation, simply call or email us, or use our contact form.
phone: +1 (651) 252-4221
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